Did you know it was first adapted for heavy sleepers so that their loud alarms wouldn’t wake up their roommates?

The way you wake up is just as important as how you slept. Better sleep is both easy and smarter with mindful sleep tech compared to other alarms.

VibeRise is built to support all kinds of sleep situations, and improve sleep quality & long term sleep health. We combine the latest in both sleepwear and sleep tech to make the most direct improvements and insights on better sleep.

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Why we need better alarms for better mornings

The science behind loud alarms is showing that they’re bad for us- physically and mentally.

Waking up to a loud alarm triggers an increase to your heart rate, cortisol, and even blood pressure. This is an involuntary physical reaction to stress that jolts you awake. It can even jolt you from deep phases of sleep, which can set you up for exhaustion.

Waking up to loud alarms has negative affects on your energy levels, mood, and even your productivity. For people with heart problems, the physical effects can be even more severe.

Loud alarms are also disruptive, both for you and for everyone else around you. Many of us have experienced waking up to someone else’s alarm, and this is a growing problem with married couples and even roommates.

Ultimately we know that alarms can be better. The research behind how to wake up healthier and better is growing, and PAQ is leading this new movement for better sleep & better mornings with our launch of VibeRise.

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Improved sleepwear and sleep tech all in one.

VibeRise is a fabric wearable, built to be comfortable to wear to bed every night. Unlike alarm clocks, its features are gentle and made to wake you up healthier than any other alarm. It slowly alerts your sleep cycle, allowing you to wake up more well-rested and protect your sleep health long-term. 



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Gentle haptics

Our tech uses Vibrotactile Haptic Feedback to make gentle vibrations felt even in the deepest phases of sleep. The vibrations are subtle, but make waking up easy and reliable. 

The vibrations slowly increase in intensity, which alert your sleep cycle more slowly and rouse you gently from deeper stages of sleep. This wakes you up more naturally, avoiding huge disruptions to your circadian rhythm and reducing sleep inertia. 

It also makes it easier to wake up if you’re not getting enough sleep; instead of feeling groggy, you feel more well-rested. 

With a gentle start to your day, VibeRise makes it easier to stay awake and stay well-rested.



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Completely silent

100& silent, VibeRise relies only on subtle haptics to wake you up. We avoid relying on disruptive stressors like loud noises to create a more advanced, healthy way of waking up.

Why don’t we like loud alarms? The studies behind the negative effects of waking up to loud noises are evident. Not only do they raise your cortisol levels and use stress to wake you up, but loud alarms can also wake you up from deep phases of sleep. Deep REM sleep is one of the body’s restorative stages. 

Waking up abruptly from deep sleep can cause sleep inertia (morning grogginess). You wake up feeling exhausted and groggy, which can impair your cognitive functions and performance. It also sets you up to feel tired throughout the day which can impact your sleep-wake cycle. Over time, it’s not the healthiest or most natural way to wake up.

A silent alarm also means that you won’t disturb others around you. When many of us share rooms and spaces with others, we believe in making sleep tech more mindful of ourselves and for those around us.

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Long-term benefits

Sleep is not just about the night before; it builds up a strong foundation for your sleep health over time. 

One of the most important things for good sleep health is a consistent sleep schedule and habits. Going to bed at the same time every night, and getting up in the morning is important for your body to align its circadian rhythm. Waking up exhausted can affect your energy and mood throughout the day, which could set you up to oversleep later- and that might make it difficult to fall back asleep in the evening. Thus you begin a cycle of irregular sleep. 

VibeRise reduces this possibility and starts mornings healthier. With more energy to start with, you establish a better foundation for the rest of your day- every day.






Comfort is our strong point

Just like you need a blanket and pillow, VibeRise is an essential thing to add to your sleep gear.

One of the only fabric wearables out there, VibeRise is the only comfortable wearable tech to go to sleep with. 

The band is light and flexible, making it subtle unlike other bulkier wearables like the FitBit. It can be easily secured on with one hand, so there’s no chance it will slip off during sleep. 


We love sustainability

At PAQ, we believe sleep should build a sustainable long term foundation for your health. As a company, we also support sustainability; our device is made from sustainably sourced birch trees. 

We believe in making sure that sleep comes with the best results, with both your health and the world in mind. 



The VibeRise App

Your personal sleep needs all in your wrist.

VibeRise is based on your personal sleep profile. Everyone has different sleep needs and habits, and VibeRise is the most personal sleep tech here. It assesses your sleep quality over time. By personalizing your alarm vibration settings, as well as setting up a basic sleep profile, the app collects everything you need to observe and improve your personal sleep quality.



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Smarter sleep insights 

The app features show you many parts of your sleep behavior that are affecting your sleep quality. Most importantly, it gives you actionable information that makes it easy to understand your sleep health, both short-term and long-term. 

It captures how long you slept, how long it took you to wake up, and collects these over long-term. It also remembers how many times you snoozed in the morning, as well as how long you used your phone after you set your. bedtime. With all these insights, it estimates how much sleep you’re getting, and can tell you whether you’re running a sleep deficit.

With VibeRise, you can see how you compare to the days before as well as over the course of time. The app also provides suggestions on how to correct bad sleep behaviors, such as if you’ve been getting poor sleep in the past couple of days. 


Tracking your sleep debts for better sleep quality.

It’s easier to prevent bad sleep habits before they even start with VibeRise. It’s one of the most thorough and personal sleep apps that create 

Our insights help you avoid prolonging sleep debt, set up a more consistent bedtime, and also protect your sleep-wake cycle with smarter insights. 






We made VibeRise for everyone

Sleep is important for many aspects of your health. How you wake up is as important as how you slept. For a healthy foundation to go about the rest of your day, it’s important to start that day the best way you can. 

VibeRise is both easy to use and built to improve many different kinds of sleep situations. From shared spaces to heavy sleepers, we want everyone to be able to wake up feeling well-rested & make healthier sleep habits easier. 

Better than stressful alarms or and expensive, inefficient alarms, and far more subtle and natural for you, VibeRise is the most advanced alarm that surpasses other alarms. 

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