There are so many online alarm clocks available for free; some have more advanced features, some of them have unique themes. 

While we at PAQ know that alarms aren’t the healthiest or most reliable way to wake up, they can still have a purpose when you need a quick reminder, for work, or when you need a timer. We chose the top 3 alarm clocks, for their different kinds of features and aesthetics that are unlike harsh loud alarms.

For more simple purposes, this one works well if you just need a quick and simple online alarm.



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Dolly Clock

Our favorite feature: the radio station.

Dolly Clock is our favorite online alarm for a few reasons. It’s unique in that you can wake up to a radio station, which is a more soothing and calming kind of alarm than you’d expect. The whole aesthetic of this online alarm clock is very refreshing,

You can choose a radio station to your liking and set an alarm. It’s simple without too many extra features like some other online alarm, but we find that it’s radio station quality makes it more relaxing to use. It could be a lot more attractive to certain people who don’t want to wake up to a blaring alarm.

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Onlive Clock

Our favorite feature: the alarm clock option.

We like that Onlive’s design makes it easy to use as a simple alarm clock, but that it also comes with more advanced features that you can customize. You also have all sorts of style options to use; you can set an alarm clock, a timer, stop watch, or a countdown (even a Christmas countdown!).

The settings allow you to go through a lot of options; you can change the background, the snooze settings, and even the sound. Onlive makes their screens simple and clean, so that it’s easy to navigate between the alarms you want to use. We most enjoy the alarm clock page, which is clean and almost looks like it could be your computer desktop.

You can even add a YouTube video to play when your alarm goes off.

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Our favorite feature: the widgets next to your alarm.

We like that Metaclock is much like your desktop or phone widgets in that it’s very interactive. Not only can you set an alarm for yourself (and personalize the alarm tune and snooze option), but you can also use it as a countdown.

The rest of the site is very interactive; you have many widgets not unlike the ones on your phone or computer. There’s a weather app that provides live updates. You can see recent alarms you previously set. You can also make your own to-do list, which you can check off when they’ve been done. You can even change the background, so there’s some variation to design.

Metaclock covers some basic functions that your phone does, so in a pinch it could be quite useful if you’ve turned off your phone for a bit.

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Alternatives to online alarms

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Online alarms are easy to access and use, and they’re free to use. But ultimately, there are healthier and better alternatives to using noise or loud alarms. Whether you need it to wake up in the morning, and want to set it for an app, PAQ is developing smarter, healthier, and more accessible ways to improve your sleep health and wake up feeling well-rested.

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