Sleep Science



How you wake up is just as important as you sleep.

Everyone deserves to enjoy how they wake up and go about their day; whether so their partner can sleep in a few extra minutes or to make some coffee and watch the sunrise.  

Sleep is important for your health, your mood, your productivity, and your quality of life. And it goes without saying that how you wake up is as important as how much you sleep.






VibeRise, the alarm reimagined.

VibeRise was built to support healthy sleep for all types of sleepers and sleep environments. You can wake  up feeling well-rested no matter how early you have to be up or how little sleep you got*. This is the best sleepwear for improving your sleep hygiene and protecting your sleep environment. It eliminates the need for disruptive loud alarms and inefficient sleep trackers.

Waking up well-rested gives you the energy and mood to stay feeling good even well after the morning. You don’t run into the problem of feeling like you’re running on empty during the day. You build healthy, consistent sleep schedules just by waking up better!




Peace and quiet.

We’re working to give you the energy and mood to stay feeling good even well after the morning.

The key to living happier is to think about our health in the long term. With our busy lives and work schedules, it’s a priority to focus on our health. Being well-rested is a foundation for better physical, mental, and emotional health. VibeRise makes waking up enjoyable to make better choices for our health even easier.