paq team

as a team our biggest motivation for developing this product was having to deal with the various problems associated with traditional alarms during our time as roommates in a college dorm. we knew there had to be a better way of waking up in shared living environments but all the products we found had problems. either they weren’t personal enough or they weren’t effective in keeping us up. eventually, we gave up on searching for a solution and decided to make one ourselves.

yohann samarsinghe

as the chief executive officer at paq, yohann's primary responsibilities lie in coordinating the team's efforts in development and handling the business development of the company. in his free time yohann can almost always be found at the gym working out!

Samarth Aggarwal

as the chief technology officer at paq, samarth's primary responsibilities iare in data analysis and infrastructure design for paq's research and product development. samarth finds so much joy in tinkering with sensors and technology that he considers his work at paq to be his preffered form of free time.

daniel kim

as the design team lead at paq, daniel's primary responsibility is in designing paq products. the design process includes making decisions such as form factor and material selection. daniel follows a variety of sports in his free time; his favorite teams include the steelers, dodgers, kings and lakers.

yinghao li

as an embedded software engineer at paq, yinghao's primary responsibility is in developing the software that is used in paq devices. outside of work yinghao loves to train for long distance runs. so far he has only partipated in one marathon but he has been running from a young age.

pavel galchenko

as the head of research at paq, pavel's primary responsibility is in researching and architecting paq's technologies to improve user physiological performance. his free time is spent volunteering, on the basketball courts and playing board games with those who are daring enough!

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