Who We Are



We're PAQ. We’re sleep enthusiasts and explorers looking to make lives better by improving how we wake up every morning.

As a team, our biggest motivation was making sleep better for ourselves and others around us. We wanted something effective and sustainable for our health. When nothing seemed to work, we stopped looking for a solution & decided to make one ourselves.

We’re making sure that we start the day fresh. The philosophy of waking up to a noisy alarm is already a bad start to our day- loud alarms which are terrible for your sleep environment, jolt you awake with cortisol and stress, and makes it nearly impossible to wake up feeling well-rested.  

VibeRise is one of PAQ’s earliest products, optimizing the latest technology with Vibrotactile Haptic Feedback (VHF) to wake you up instead of using disruptive, noisy alarms. 




Our values

Being mindful

Our team at PAQ started our mission to create sleepwear that was mindful of our health, our sleep environment, and of others. We believe in being mindful in our relationships & in making better technology.


Being sustainable

As avid travelers of the outdoors, we care for the environment. Our goal is to make sleepwear smarter, so that it’s sustainable for our health and for the world.

Did you know that VibeRise is made from sustainably sourced trees?




We're taking the first step to revolutionize the morning alarm and lead the future for better sleepwear & technology.

PAQ Wear has brought incredible steps towards reimagining how we approach better sleep by improving an essential part of starting your day- waking up. We’re bringing immeasurable benefits to the people we care for and to encourage ourselves to look out for each other.


Our passion.

We're passionate because what we do is going to help people's quality of life. We're growing in an incredible industry that’s advancing both health and technology. 

More than anyone, we know how important getting good sleep is (you can read about our story here) and how much it affects the rest of our day. As active, outgoing people, we like to be able to live our lives to the fullest. This means being well-rested, being prepared, and being mindful about the people and environment around us. This mindset is something we start every morning with- so why not wake ip with that mindset too?