the first alarm that doesn't suck

better days start with better mornings

and better days start with viberise : the best way to wake up!

just tell our app when you need to wake up, and leave the rest to our wearable.

it uses intuitive, totally silent haptic vibrations to make sure you wake up on time, without disturbing anyone else.

no more loud ringtones scaring you awake // no more sleeping through your alarm.


understand sleep

choosing the best alarm clock

you probably feel naked without your smartphone by your side, but keeping it on your night stand and using it as an alarm clock could interfere with a good night’s sleep if you’re tempted to check your texts and emails.

it also emits something called "blue light" that is so bright that it can trick your mind into thinking that it's daytime and keep you up late at night...[read more].

the anxiety of alarm clocks

as the semester goes on, the sleep deprivation grows more and more and it gets harder every day to wake up for those 8am classes. the terrible sound of the alarm clock sounds, and somehow i get out of bed, running on a few hours of sleep and a cup of coffee.

i dread the sound of my alarm, but not only in the morning. if i hear this tone go off in the middle of the day, i immediately feel anxious...[read more].

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