VibeRise - Reimagining the Morning Alarm

The best silent alarm.

We make mornings better.

Wake up effortlessly, naturally, and with more energy than ever before - all on silent.

Alarms are outdated and rely on stressful reactions to wake you (and everyone else around you) up. VibeRise focuses on making your mornings simple and improved.

How we start our mornings is the key to a better day.

Our Mission

We deserve to feel our best, from that moment we wake up.

Our Mission

We're making the choice to start our day better.

Our Mission

Vibrotactile Haptic Feedback

Actionable insights make improving your sleep health easy, efficient, and affordable.

The true silent alarm that makes waking up easier and more insightful.

How you wake up is just as important as how you slept.

VibeRise is a best silent alarm to replace loud, noisy alarms and inefficient sleeping aids. It immediately improves mornings by optimizing your transition from sleep to wakefulness, and its companion app has easy-to-use features with actionable insights that make improving your sleep health a breeze.