Wake up better.

The best alarm is VibeRise
The gentle-wake wearable alarm that surpasses all other alarms, without relying on stress or noise. Wake up in a healthier way that’s better for your sleep quality and your sleep environment.
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Improve sleep & mornings at once

100% Silent

Silent haptics remove physical reactions to stress, protecting your sleep environment and your quality of sleep.

Smart sleep insights 

Improve your personal sleep health with actionable insights and detailed stats.

Gentle haptic benefits

The most natural way to wake up while improving long-term benefits to your sleep-wake cycle.

Introducing Viberise

Heavy sleepers

Eliminate dependence on loud noises or intense settings to wake up reliably.

Shared spaces

Perfect for shared spaces & allows everyone to enjoy their morning schedules without disturbing each other.

Your health

Reduce your physical reactions to stress, slowly alerting your sleep cycle more naturally, and wake up healthier.

Superior sleepwear and sleep tech combine for the best results.

best alarm

Product Features

Without the negative side effects of loud alarms,
VibeRise was made for your long-term health and everyday mornings.

Our device combines the best of sleepwear and sleeptech to make direct improvements to your sleep behaviors & deep insights on how to make actionable improvements for sleep.

It’s the superior sleep device:
gentle, silent, and smart all in one wearable alarm.

silent alarm



A smart, fabric wearable, built to be comfortable to wear to bed every night.

Bone conduction to make gentle vibrations felt even in the deepest phases of sleep.

Slowly alerts your sleep cycle, allowing you to wake up more well-rested & protect your sleep health long-term.



With smart insights, you can improve your sleep quality immediate & prevent bad sleep patterns before they even start.

Get updates on your sleep performance, see personal insights about improving your sleep health, and track your long-term sleep behaviors.

Why we need to wake up better


people suffer from insufficient sleep.


don't wake up to their alarms.


of adults don't get enough sleep every night.

Wake up better, and enjoy more.

We believe in waking up without stress,  and know that how we wake up is as important as how we sleep. Better sleep quality, better morning energy, and in the long run, you wake up healthier knowing how to personalize your sleep. That’s what we call a good morning.

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