VibeRise - Reimagining the Morning Alarm

* Pre-Order: Due to current global supply chain issues and volume of orders, we are backlogged. Please expect delivery in 4-6 months from the day of purchase. We are working hard to get your VibeRise to you as soon as possible.

A silent alarm to replace loud, noisy alarms and inefficient sleep aids.

Wake up effortlessly, naturally, and with more energy than ever before - all on silent. The VibeRise band immediately improves mornings by optimizing your transition from sleep to wakefulness, and its companion app has easy-to-use features with actionable insights that make improving your sleep health a breeze.

VibeRise can save your mornings, your mood, and even your relationships. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


  • Wake up more naturally and healthily with silent sensors. VHF (Vibrotactile Haptic Feedback) gradually nudges your brain out of your current sleep stage and slowly syncs your sleep cycle to your body's ideal circadian rhythm.
  • Smart track your sleep performance to understand your personal sleep behaviors, and fast forward to waking up better, for long-term.
  • The best sleepwear to improve your sleep hygiene and protect your sleep environment.

VibeRise is made from sustainable sourced material, and our fabric is flexible and breathable- perfectly comfortable for wearing to bed.

Silence is golden. 

Vibrotactile Haptic Feedback (VHF) is, simply put, a new advancement in communication through one of our most important senses- which is touch.

By vibrating at a specific range between 1- to 15 Hz, these sensations are converted into an electrical signal which makes its way through your nervous system to the part of your brain that processes basic touch sensation- which also governs your sleep cues. This part of your brain- your thalamus- allows for a gradual, subconscious stimulation of the part of your brain that wakes you up in the morning, resulting in a gradual transition into a peaceful morning.


Made for:



Wake up without a sound.

A specific benefit from our design is that it is the most optimal mechanism for waking up, with a decreased risk of falling back asleep after initially waking up.

When compared to traditional auditory mechanisms, like an alarm clock or cell phone alarm, there is a significantly reduced stress response to waking up without sound. VibeRise wakes you and only you- simply set your wakeup time on the VIbeRise app, wear your device and find yourself transitioning into alert, calm wakefulness.


Made from flexible, soft-to-the-touch fabrics, VibeRise is the most comfortable wearable to wear to sleep every night.




Seamless integration with mobile app

When you wear your device to bed, it automatically collects insights about your sleep based on when you set your alarm, and how you woke up. Everything, from the moment you set your alarm to the moment it goes off, is safely stored with VibeRise's companion app. 

It’s easy and efficient; all you have to do is wake up.

Available for iPhone and Android.


App coming soon.