Your Alarm Isn't Working

It's not you, it's your morning alarm.

Feeling stress.

When you wake up, do you feel your heartbeat going faster than normal? Waking up to a loud alarm can increase the level of adrenaline in your body, causing both your heart rate and your blood pressure to go up.

Feeling grumpy or tired.

ou should realize your alarm isn’t working well if you feel grumpy when you wake up. It is really important that you have a good sleep at night but it is also really important that you wake up relaxed as well. When your alarm drags you up from a good night’s rest, you will definitely feel really upset.


Waking up in a bad mood.

A study shows that 79% of people in the study said a bad wake up experience can ruin their day, because it affects concentration, work efficiency, and well being. 

People’s working efficiency throughout the day can be influenced by how you wake up. If you wake up poorly, it affects their mood which can influence their performance.


Choose a better alarm.

A lot of people will set multiple alarms to make sure that they can wake themselves up, and still don’t feel ready to be up. What many don’t realize is having multiple alarms is actually bad for your sleep quality. This is because setting multiple alarms disrupts your sleeping cycle. Dozing off and being jolted awake again only makes you disoriented, and your memory consolidation and learning ability will decrease. By having multiple alarms, you get harm than benefits. You should need to find a new way if using multiple alarms still does not work.