Silence is golden. 

Vibrotactile Haptic Feedback (VHF) is, simply put, a new advancement in communication through one of our most important senses- which is touch.

By vibrating at a specific range between 1- to 15 Hz, these sensations are converted into an electrical signal which makes its way through your nervous system to the part of your brain that processes basic touch sensation- which also governs your sleep cues. This part of your brain- your thalamus- allows for a gradual, subconscious stimulation of the part of your brain that wakes you up in the morning, resulting in a gradual transition into a peaceful morning.


Made for:



Wake up without a sound.

A specific benefit from our design is that it is the most optimal mechanism for waking up, with a decreased risk of falling back asleep after initially waking up.

When compared to traditional auditory mechanisms, like an alarm clock or cell phone alarm, there is a significantly reduced stress response to waking up without sound. VibeRise wakes you and only you- simply set your wakeup time on the VIbeRise app, wear your device and find yourself transitioning into alert, calm wakefulness.